About Us

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Hello. We’re FIX & REPAIR. We’d like to tell you a little more about our company.

About Us

For the past 5 years, Fix & Repair has helped consumers and businesses stay connected with high-quality, convenient mobile device accessories and repairs. Ample inventory, quick repairs, best in class products and unparalleled customer support make us the easy solution for all your mobile device needs. We offer a wide variety of cases, screen protectors, power, mounts and Bluetooth accessories at competitive prices. Fix & Repair is committed to protecting and optimizing the performance of today’s most important portable technology.

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Our History

Back in 2014, we took our garage-born idea and opened our first Fix & Repair kiosk in Pittsburgh , PA. While it was little more than a stool and a stand, our phone cases were innovative and fashion-forward. They caught on. Just to keep up, we opened our second location just 30 days later. People liked our accessories and cases and we liked helping them protect their mobile devices. But over time, more and more customers asked us to fix their broken phones, too.

By 2015, we launched our repair service. As we continued to add more stores. Today, we have three wireless accessory and repair company in the USA. Through our employees, Fix & Repair is synonymous with innovative and convenient mobile device solutions. And we’re just getting started.

Customers Come First

While This may sound cliche, at Fix & Repair its true.

From the start, we've designed our business model around you and your needs.

Only the best

While it comes to our products and our repair work, we won't settle for less. We only offer best in class parts and accessories and we stand by our work.

Our employees matter

A business as good as its people. That's why we give our employees the flexibility they need to live a balanced life both at home and at work.

Ready to learn more about Fix & Repair accessories or repairs? There are a few ways to get in touch with us.